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Baby C is here!!!

Baby C was born 11 days before his due date on 12/6/10 at 9:20 pm weighing a healthy 6lb 8oz and 19 in long. I had an amazing drug free natural birth and the baby and I are doing beautifully. He is nursing like a pro!

Sorry it took so long to post this but It’s amazing how busy a newborn makes your life! We are loving every minute of it. Pics and full birth story to follow soon!


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How quickly things change!

So remember that disappointment from last week? Well, it’s pretty amazing how quickly things can turn your mood around. At my doc appt on Tuesday I was 1 cm and 80-90% effaced! All that happened within the span of a week!

So it’s really good to know that I’m making some progress. My body works! Now, today, two days after my check I lost my mucous plug at work! For those who haven’t experienced that yet, yep it’s as gross as it sounds. But it was very obvious what it was and was accompanied by some blood so I guess that’s why they call it the bloody show.

I’ve been having fairly frequent contractions the last couple of days but nothing unbearable and not timeable yet. So i guess for now we wait. I suppose it could still be a week or more until actual labor begins, but i have a feeling i won’t make it to my due date.

As i type this its about 12:15 am on Friday so I guess that means I’m officially 38 weeks! I wish i could sleep but between the occasional contractions and excitement, I’m having a hard time. Hubby and dog are both passed out beside me though. No interruptions for them 🙂

Gosh I’m so nervous and wondering when things will start picking up. Still need to finish packing my hospital bag. Guess i should get a move on!

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