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Disappointment! 36w4d

Okay, I know I’m probably taking this all too seriously, but I just feel so disappointed after my doctor’s appointment today. At 37 weeks, 4 days, I’ve still made no progress. Not dilated, not effaced. At. All. Now, I know that really doesn’t mean anything, but I’ve been having tons of BH contractions – I thought for sure something must be going on.

Second, the baby is still posterior. Head down, but posterior. I’ve been doing everything I can to try and get this little one to to turn – pelvic rocks especially – but nothing working yet. With my goals of natural childbirth in mind, this posterior thing has me a little concerned.

And the most disappointing news of the day – I’m GBS positive. I’ll admit, I don’t know a whole lot about GBS itself except that it means I will need antibiotics every 4 hours once in labor to prevent the baby from getting infected. Plus, I’ll have to head to the hospital pretty quickly if my water breaks to get the meds. Which will start the time clock for interventions….interventions that I really want to avoid.

My recent Google search of GBS also indicates that with treatment with antibiotics, the chances of delivering a baby with GBS is 1 in 4,000. Those don’t seem like great odds to me. And GBS infections are pretty serious things for babies – I’m trying to not even go there.

There is a positive side. Most importantly, baby is healthy and looking great. I’m trying my best to focus on that and pray that, in the end, I wind up with a happy, healthy, beautiful baby boy.


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I’m baaaaack! 36 weeks!

Okay, wow.  So I guess it’s been 3 months since I’ve posted!   I’ve really missed the blog.  But I’ve been so busy with all things baby it has totally fallen to the back burner.  And, of course, the more time that passed, the more I put it off.

But here I am.  Now just about 36 weeks pregnant.  As of today, 29 days to go until my due date.  It feels close, but oh so far away.

So, in short, here’s what ya’ll have missed:

1.  Nursery is DONE (well, mostly) 🙂

2.  We had a really awesome 3d ultrasound done of the babe at around 29 weeks.

3.  My baby shower was Oct 30 and was an absolute blast -we got so many needed items

4.  We’ve hired a doula to help us with our desire for a natural birth

5.  I’ve been practicing Hypnobabies since about week 32.   I’m not so sure about the hypnosis stuff, but at the very least, I’m hoping it will help me learn some relaxation techniques that I can use during labor.

All in all, I’ve been feeling pretty good.  But I won’t lie, the last week or two things have started to get pretty uncomfortable the bigger I get!

I have a ton of pics I want to post later today, but here are a few for now!!

3D Ultrasound!

The mooooo chair!

32 weeks

Pics taken by our doula 🙂

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