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Dear Baby…

I started crocheting you a blanket this weekend.  It has been a long time since I have crocheted.  I have learned two things: 1) I only know one crochet stitch; and 2) I don’t know that one very well!!  The blanket may not be perfect, but you are.  This is the first thing that I’ve really done for you.  Every time I work on this little blanket, I daydream about the day I will meet you and the many times I will wrap you up in my little labor of love.  I picture your beautiful face resting in the soft comfort of what I have made for you.

Even though I may not be perfect, and the things I do may not be perfect, my love for you is endless.  In 4 1/2 months you will arrive and I cannot wait to begin sharing our wonderful family with you.  But in the meantime, I will have my daydreams.




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