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Ultrasound Pics!!

Ok, so here they finally are.  The first pics of our little one!!

From blueberry:

6 Week u/s

To blob:

7w5d u/s

At our first 6 week u/s the baby’s heartbeat was 109bpm.  By 7w5d, it was up to a strong 169bpm!!!  We even got to hear it.  It was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

Tomorrow I have my last appointment with my RE and then I graduate to my regular OB!!  I can’t wait to see my LO again!!


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BLTs from Heaven

I love food.  Really.  But as much as I have always loved food and delighted in the first bite of a wonderful dish at a new restaurant, I have never known satisfaction like this.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, has ever tasted better than fulfilling a craving when your pregnant.  Very close to my starvation  point this afternoon (caused by inability to decide what I could/wanted to eat), it finally hit me.  A BLT.  Had to have it.  So I got it.  Sweet elixir of life!!  The BLT!!  It was the best tasting BLT of my life.

Of course, after nearly finishing it, I could no longer stand the sight of it, but that’s besides the point.  The first few moments with my BLT were heaven on earth.

Short of those few moments of food bliss, mostly I’m in a state of food confusion.  I don’t know what I want to eat.  Nothing is appealing.  I feel nauseous most of the day.  The rare moments when I don’t feel nauseous, I realize how starved I am and scarf down um…say, a BLT sandwich and then realize what a mistake scarfing is.  But I digress.

I will say that it helps to stick to lots of little snacking all day long.  Right now, all I want is fruit and cheese.  Meat is pretty much off the table (I do not count bacon as real meat) and chicken must stay further than 100 yards from my mouth.  Though I will say I did enjoy the heck out of a hot dog at Yankee stadium yesterday.  Surprisingly, that was delish!

Speaking of the stadium, I had a message displayed yesterday on the centerfield scoreboard at the stadium wishing my hubby and I a Happy Anniversary (today is our 7th!).  What a cool thing to see your names up there.  He was pretty psyched about it too.

So I know I’ve been a bit of a slacker-poster lately and that’s mostly because by the time I get home at night, I don’t want to do anything that even resembles work.  And that includes turning on my home computer.  I still need to post my ultrasound pics. 

We have another appt on Wednesday at 7w5d, so I will probably just post both sets of pics then (assuming I don’t fall asleep at my keyboard).  Wish me luck!  Hope to see my little blueberry again in a couple days 🙂

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